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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Empty Nest

Three children, twenty-five years, and one life; mine.  Twenty something years ago my husband and I started a family after being married only a year and a half.  Five years later the second baby came along and two years after that the last one was born to a twenty-nine year old mom. 

The years have flown by in retrospect.  I always heard that when it was time for the chick to leave the nest the parents would know.  I did with my oldest.  She was the easy one.  I always had to prod her along when things did not come easy to her.  I remember her having problems learning to draw a heart.  She wanted to give up.  Finally, she realized she could draw a side ways three with a v under it.  Viola! a heart.  Such was teaching her as she grew and matured.  One thing after another was learned and then mastered.  Then came the time for her to move out.  I had no problem with it, after all, I had two more at home to take care of.  She came home often too and called every day.

The second daughter moved away to college and it was a little more lonesome.  However, she came home nearly every weekend.  I talked to her almost every day too.  She is more independent than my first one.  I have every confidence that she will make things work to suit herself.  She is very tender hearted and easily hurt, but she knows I am here to listen when she wants me.

Now, my baby, is getting ready to leave.  Or more accurately, his sister and I are getting him ready to leave.  The least mature of my children is going two hours away from me  to go to school.  His father and I have done the best we can to teach him, as well as his sisters, to love God and work hard to gain the things in life we need and want.  I can only  trust God to keep him safe and use good judgement in situations in which he will be presented. 

I guess as time passes we will see what happens.  My girls have blossomed into beautiful intelligent young women.  Lord, I trust you to develop my son into the man you would have him be.

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Sarah Humphries said...

You are (obviously) a mother who cares for her chicks and has done an amazing job raising them (us). I just hope that God gives the three of us the same challenge He gave you and Daddy: children. I pray that we can do as well with ours as you did with yours. What higher honor can a mother have than for all her children (including the in-law ones) to know and serve the Lord?